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Computer Support for the Richmond Area

Richmond IT provides quality computer services for Richmond and the adjoining areas of South West London, Middlesex and Surrey.

Our engineers combine in-depth practical experience of PCs, Macs and networks with a friendly, approachable working style that never resorts to technical jargon, ensuring that our clients achieve the results they want in a quick and economical way.

We are reasonably priced, with a transparent fee structure that ensures that the client does not get any nasty surprises when a job is finished. Customer satisfaction is very high - the majority of our work comes from word-of-mouth referrals from existing customers.

Computer Support & Repairs for the Home

We can sort out most home IT or network problems, be they PC, Mac, desktop, laptop, scanner, printer, network, Internet, email, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Kindle or pretty much anything else related. For more details see Home Support.

Computer Support for Business

We provide timely and cost-effective support to SME businesses, and increasingly local businesses are coming to rely upon us. Business support is now more than 50% of our income, so we must be doing something right! For more details see Business Support.

Website Design and Build

We can help individuals and businesses with all aspects of establishing a web presence, from choosing a name, through setting up hosting and email, to designing and building a website. For more details see Website Design.

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