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Computer Services for Business

Richmond IT provides quality computer services for Richmond and the adjoining areas of South West London, Middlesex and Surrey.

Our Services

Whilst our historical strengths lie in Microsoft Windows and SBS-based networks, we have a substantial knowledge of Mac and Cloud-based services and so are able to offer a high level of support to modern businesses whatever their chosen platform.

We can provide services tailored to your business's specific requirements, whether you have an extensive network or a single stand-alone PC. We can provide a one-off consultation or an on-going support contract with a level of support that reflects your business's needs.

Whilst we are conversant with the latest technology buzzwords and fashions, we believe that the true value of IT is what it contributes to the profitability of the business, so expect a commonsense, business-oriented view of the "art of the possible" when you call us.

Our Charges

We operate a "first consultation free" offer to business clients (up to one hour), which enables us to assess your requirements and to discuss the options available without committing you to anything.

Beyond that, we have a simple, straightforward fee structure, whereby time (onsite, normal working hours) is chargeable at £60/hour split into £10 chunks. Full detail of our charging rates can be found HERE.

If you have specific needs that are not covered by our standard rate card, then we would be happy to discuss alternatives - we pride ourselves on our flexibility.

We aim to build relationships of trust with local businesses - we too are a local business and intend to remain that way.

Why not call us today?

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