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Data Recovery Services

Richmond IT provides effective Data Recovery services for Richmond and the adjoining areas of South West London, Middlesex and Surrey.

Data recovery is required when your computer has failed in a way that prevents you being able to access the information that is stored on it. There are three very different causes:-

If you suspect that your hard disk may be failing, time is of the essence - take a back up if you possibly can, and consult an expert company such as ourselves ASAP!

When the hard disk has failed:

When a hard disk is actually physically broken, highly specialised data recovery facilities are needed. We cannot do this ourselves, but can put you in touch with suitable companies if necessary. Fortunately, this is rarely the case.

When the information on a hard disk has been corrupted:

We can normally recover data from internal and external hard drives, USB memory sticks and memory cards for less that £100. However, there can be a wide variation in cost depending on the system and the nature of the problem.

When the computer cannot boot up for other reasons:

It is rare for a computer to be broken so badly that we cannot repair it. The solution may be to replace the failed hardware component, or perhaps to reinstall Windows.

When we encounter situations like these, we always discuss the options with the client. With older computers, it can often be better value in the long term to purchase a new computer and have us set it up and restore the data onto it, than to fix the old computer and only get a few months' more life out of it.

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