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Installing Remote Control Capabilities

Richmond IT can install remote control capabilities that enable us to effectively support unattended remote computers, such as servers.

If you have computers such as servers or unattended remote workstations, then we can install a version of Teamviewer which runs in the background all the time on the computer concerned, so that we can remotely access it and fix problems even when there is no one on the premises.

This is particularly useful for servers, which are commonly physically locked up in computer suites, but also works well for the situation where you have a computer that you work on remotely using Logmein or a similar product.

Unlike our ad-hoc remote support tool, this does involve installing a "permanent" copy of Teamviewer on the computer concerned. Obviously this can be removed at any time via the usual program uninstall features of Windows or Macs.

To begin the installation of Teamviewer, please click on the appropriate button below.

After clicking on the appropriate button, you will be prompted as to whether you want to RUN or SAVE the download. Click on RUN and after a short delay while Teamviewer downloads, you will be led through a brief Windows (or Mac) installation process, at the end of which a window will be displayed with a numeric code called "YOUR ID" and a 4-digit password.

This is the information that you will need to give to us, after which we will be able to control your computer mouse and keyboard and so assist you.

The first time that we take control of the system, we record the ID allocated by Teamviewer (which is a permanent one in this case), and set a hidden password. From then on, we will not need to request the ID and password.

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