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Our Approach to Computer Reinstalls

Richmond IT provides a quality reinstallation service, which returns your computer ready to use with your programs and data restored.

Many computer engineers seem to think that repairing a computer means returning it to the state it was in when purchased. Whilst that is strictly-speaking fully functional, it is not usually how the computer was set up when when it stopped working.

Most people spend considerable time and effort configuring their computer, with Internet, email accounts, music programs, MS Office and printer connections, to name but a few. We ensure that your computer is ready for you to actually use when it is handed back.

Our Reinstallation Service includes:

Approximate Cost

Usually it is most economical for a reinstall to be done offsite, with the final reconnection to the Internet, printers etc. being done at your premises. We cannot quote fixed prices, but usually reinstalls are £60 – £100 plus reconnection time onsite plus any required parts.

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